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InteriørMagasinet provides useful tips and ideas, and has taken the pulse of Scandinavian everyday luxury for more than 26 years. InteriørMagasinet covers interior, garden and food, with an aesthetic representation of unique homes and cottages in Scandinavia. Each issue is rarely less than 180 pages, and usually a good deal more. With a high number of pages, the proportion of ads is kept relatively low - to the benefit of the advertisers who get good attention.The readers are a quality-conscious target group, who use the magazine actively to orientate themselves in new purchases, whether it is services and products related to the home and cottage, or holidays and food. They like to pay more for well-known brands, and spend a lot of time and energy shopping for the home. More than half have plans to renovate, and they generally have a higher consumption of furniture, holidays and food in relation to the population on average.The advertisers in InteriørMagasinet report a very good year with higher turnover than before. They expect this trend to continue in 2021.
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